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"Cannot accept a negative schedule" - is your only option to "Receive for Record"

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John Reeves
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"Cannot accept a negative schedule" - "must submit a recovery schedule" - are often in Specs, but why can't you accept it - if the job is indeed negative, it is not like you are saying the you get the later date for Substantial Completion - you are agreeing that it is negative.  I understand you want them to "try" to recover but that is not always possible.  Is your only option to "Receive for Record" are you at legal risk if you approve a negative schedule?


Zoltan Palffy
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I think that a better option would be to say revise and resubmit. 

Somewhere along the line there if a project falls behind schedule certainly an owner must be made aware of it. How are you going to do that if you do not submit it. I would submit it along witha narrative of why it is behind schedule. Then is it was behind due to the owners fault chnages ect. I would also say in the narrative that I was prepairing a time impact analysis. If it wa smy fault (contractors) then I would say that I was preparing a recovery schedule to get the project back on schedule.

Typically if a schedule a project is on schedule then you can says received for record purposes.

If a schedule is 20 days or more behind scheule then I would say revise and resubmit. 

If the project is behind due to the owners actions or inactions then you MUST submit a negative schedule and then give the owner the opportunity to decide what he wants to do.

He has 2 options

option #1 do nothing and let the end date slips and grant a time extension provided that the time impact anlaysis is in order.

option #2  ask the contrator to prepare a recovery schedule along with the associated costs to recover.

you must inform the owner so to give him the opportunity to make one of these decisions.