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Producing Reports from P6

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Robert Corran
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  Good Morning All I am using P6 v16.2 I cannot get a report out of it formatted as I want it to be, it is a simple report showing planned units for labour and materials, when I export to excelas an xls file the data on each line is one long line of text, why? In all previous P6 applications I have used it has come in as a tabluar report withthe data in the correct columns etc The way I have got round it at the moment is to take off the file extension, then dump it into wordpad, then import the text back into excel, seems a pointless long winded way of doing things,is there something Iam missing here, a setting somewhere for example? Any Help would be appreciated


Santosh Bhat
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You can simply copy all the data from the activity (or resource assignments) view and paste into Excel. Or Alternatively, setup a layout with your required columns, grouping, filtering etc, then select TOOLS>REPORT WIZARD and select the "Use Current Screen" option.

Alexandre Faulx-B...
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How do you export the report as an Excel file with xls or xlsx extension? IN P6, the only file format to export a report to is csv.

I guess the problem comes from Excel: do not open the csv file directly as you would do with an xls file, but go to Data, Get External data, From text, and navigate to your csv file; then let the import wizard guide you.


Joel Roberts
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Hello Robert,

You might also want to consider trying out the reports in the pro version of ScheduleReader. It is a handy companion tool to your P6 and could potentialy simplify your reports creation process.

Zoltan Palffy
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just do it in the data area as columns then highlight everything and copy and pate to excel