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4d planning software

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Matthew Klinefelter
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Does anyone know how I can get a trial license of Synchro Pro? The webiste says the demo is only a 15min screen sharing session. I wanted to have a go myself to see how easy it is to use and what I can do on it.

Ive been using Powerproject BIM and trying to import from Sketchup but its rife with problems and I dont seem to be getting the model that I want.

Apart from these two are there any others that would be worth trialling?


Julia Valentine
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Matthew, do you have a BIM model to work from? If so, try out Kreo Plan to see what the 4D scheduling tool is like. Create a free account here: and select free version of Kreo Plan.

Upload your BIM file/export from Revit with the Kreo plugin. Walk through the initial step of classifying your model and assigning activities. Then go to the 4D section and you'll see your model being constructed!

Let me know if you'd like any help from me: 

Ben Taunt
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Hi Matt,

Give me a call next week and we can talk through the issues you're having with Powerproject BIM.  Office number 01844 261700.


Ben @ Powerproject