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EoT (TIA v/s Window Analysis)

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Vineet Singh
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Can anyone help  understand the difference in between Time Impact Analysis and Window Analysis for the purpose of Extension of Time and delay analysis.

I have refered to few methods but I feel both were same.  I would appreciate any help in understanding the delay analysis techniques also if i can get the procedure to calculate both.


Thanks and regards,

Vineet Singh


Khuong Do
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Hi Vineet,

You can refer to this article :

In the last section of article, I address the Differences between Window Analysis and Time Impact Analysis.

Zoltan Palffy
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A TIA is a forward looking prospective schedule analysis technique that adds a modeled delay to an accepted contract schedule to determine the possible impact of a delay to the project completion.

A Window Analysis is a backward looking or forensic way to look at a delay within a specific "WINDOW" of time. 

The window analysis is mroe time consuming, more expensive to prepare, require more expertise, more research and preperation time to complete