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“Why is Critical Path Analysis Not Being Used?”

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Stephen Devaux
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The new blog post at is “Why is Critical Path Analysis Not Being Used?”.

Today’s blog points out that, despite the huge and obvious value of critical path analysis, a smaller and smaller percentage of project-driven organizations are sufficiently comfortable with its functionality to implement it across their projects.

This article shows how much the techniques of critical path analysis, including critical path drag, can add, not only to the initial planning process, but to the ability to manage all the variances and changes that WILL occur during execution. A new exercise (separate from the drag exercises on the website) walks the reader through the process of using a critical path schedule to alleviate the damage caused by negative variances.

If there is one technique that every competent project manager should be completely intimate with, it’s critical path analysis. But as the blog points out, we are moving ever further away from that circumstance.

Fraternally in project management,

Steve the Bajan