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How to plan a schedule?!-Please help

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Satish Kumar
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Hi all,

I have recently been made aware that the schedule should have most of the activities with FS links to make out a sensible (delay) analysis.

I have tried to prepare a schedule in line with the above philosophy.

I have observed the following points while doing so:

1)       I found out that the activities are in general taken up in parallel.

2)      If I try to break it down into activities with FS relation I had to breakdown the schedule into activities that don’t take more than 4 days (this is time consumed for the highest time consuming activity!).

3)      If I create a schedule with longer durations the schedule will not be authentic for discussion in a (authentic) negotiation for Extension of Time. Definitely, the client would say “ You should have started the succeeding activity next day in parallel why should you wait so long?!”.

4)      Say, I have a large land to be filled with dirt in layers not exceeding 0.3m thick (at once). If I dump the soil today. The next activity doze is going to start next day without delay, we all know contractor hates to keeps his resources idle.

5)      Breaking down work in to small chunks of 1- 4 day is also making the schedule (for a typical 2 year project) very complex to track.


Is there a pragmatic way to draft schedules that have longer durations for activities with FS relations, but still could stand valid for negotiations??



K. Satish Kumar