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Best Practice : Fabrication (workshop) , Assembling (site) & Civl activities (prior to assemblying at site)

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bilal tirmizi
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Dear All,

I will like to some information on the following situation:


I have  a project that involves fabrication at workshop than this material has to get assembled at site,  before the asseblying the civil works should  be completed.


I have linked assebblying to civil works : Civl works--> F.S-->Assemblying at site

fabrication is linked to assemblying: Fabrication---F.S-->Assemblying

Fabrication is starting with a constrain (start no earlier than a date) , that i fixed at the time of basline adjsting that fabrication was starting with finsih of civil works at site and  the material was coming and getting assembled at site without having need to stock it.

Now in actual my civil works got delayed, which means assmbleying cant start,  but fabrication  process is at same satrting date and if this continues i will have stocks at site. i wnat to see a situtaion that fabrication also gets started late  equal to delay of site avaialbilty to start the assemblying:

what would be best practice in your views