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Schedule of thermal power plant using MS Project or Primavera (P6)

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Does any body have Project L1, L2 & L3 Schedule of thermal power plant using MS Project or Primavera (P6). Kindly mail to use private message service


Maha Adji
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To doy ucharan, 

Would you please send it to me: (schedule thermal powerplant contruction) 




Shalini Das
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Can anyone please send me the schedule for Thermal power plant construction using MS Project!

email: dasshalini95@gmail.com

Best Regards,

Shalini Das.

doy ucharan
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I will send to your email the schedule my dear

Sham Ahmad
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Does anyone has a sample of programme/schedule of Power Plant project and Pipeline project. I appreciate if anyone willing to share with me. 


My email is shamrol@gmail.com



Thank you



Best regards

Sham Ahmad

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Hi! Stewart,

Can please send me the L1, L2, L3 OR L4 schedule to me.

Kindly revert back with positive response.




Manoj KM,


Stewart Green
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Hello Satish

I have planned on a couple of power stations - when I am home next weekend, I will look through my saved programmes.

I know I have a hard copy (a few hundred pages!) and loads of annotated photos, but these would be difficult to get to you i would say?

Kind Regards

Stewart Green