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Tips on using this forum..

(1) Explain your problem, don't simply post "This isn't working". What were you doing when you faced the problem? What have you tried to resolve - did you look for a solution using "Search" ? Has it happened just once or several times?

(2) It's also good to get feedback when a solution is found, return to the original post to explain how it was resolved so that more people can also use the results.

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Cherie S Blare
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Hi all,

Seems like a great website offering a whole array of planning & programming services - the future is outsourcing !?




Ashutosh Nema, PMP
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Yes I am fully agree with Ravi that this site is Good for nothing. I am totally confused that, this site for giving information or it want information from us.

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What is great in tat? U can find dozens of these at every nook and corner of town. Even blog sites are of more use than this....

The purpose of website should be to turn those curious visitors into customers. Website shud be designed in such a way that visitorts will take some ACTION and NOT just by clicking six buttons of home page to contact details and then say GOOD BYE not only to ur website but also to ur company.

Good try to design website, but visitors are impatient and soon loose concentration if there is nothing to tickle around.

I dont want to use this harsh language but the website is like a donought, GOOD FOR NOTHING!!!