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benchmarking for A&D

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Zhen Cai
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The Pratt & Whitney PMO is performing an assessment of some of our scheduling processes, organization and tools. We are interested in how you manage and organize the scheduling function on your projects.

If you have an opportunity, please complete the following survey.
We appreciate your input very much.

1. Approximately what proportion of project management time is spent on updating, statusing and analyzing your project’s schedule?
2. What percentage of the project management budget is spent on cost performance analysis vs. schedule performance analysis?
3. Is there an Earned Value Management System (EVMS) in place on your project?
4. Is there a dedicated schedule (IMS) team on your project and is it within your company’s PMO (project management office)?
5. What is the typical period-of-performance (Months duration) of your projects?
6. How many activities/tasks does your typical project have?
7. How many FTE (Full-time Equivalent) heads are needed to support the scheduling function on your project?
8. Is schedule performance analysis a stand-alone function or is it integrated with cost performance analysis?
9. What tools do you use for cost/schedule project planning and tracking? Do you use an enterprise system or periodically reintegrate stand-alone data?
a. Cost system:
b. Schedule system:
c. Separate reporting system (ex: Winsight):
10. Please briefly describe the schedule statusing, progress reporting and corrective actions processes you use (Schedule Controlling processes)?