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Budgeted Manhours and Budgeted Cost

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Muhammad Bilal
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Dear Fellows / Seniors,

I got estimates from estimation dept. after winning a tender. in which cost is calculated against manhours but the manhours were worst and was not good estimation. so i created manhours based on my experience. In short now, my manhours for each activities containing more than one Labor & Equipment resources in one activity are different. Now when i put Price/Unit in Resource Tab of Primavera, i am getting getting different result which is obvious. Now what i want is to reflect Budgeted Cost for each activity same like in the Rates we Quoted to Client using My Manhours. I tried to make a user defined column as Percentage which could multiply the Budgeted Cost to give me the required result but failed.


I successful in Excel but dont know how to do it In Primavera P6. Formula in my Thought to get the required result:

Budgeted Units * Price/Unit * User Defined (%) = BOQ Amount.


How to do it? or any Other way??





Zoltan Palffy
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if you have the Budgeted units and the rates and you make sure that calculate costs from uints thne the budgeted cost will automatically calculate