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P6 training course in Dubai

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Civilila 77
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Hi all,
Does anyone know which companies/ institution in Dubai conduct P6 course (or even better migrating from P3 to P6) during June (09)? I know CMCS has this course but it will be offered in July. Appreciate your inputs. Thanks.


R. Catalan
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Civilila 77,

Be aware of instructors not having building construction experience. Will have problems in dealing with questions related to our trade.

If it’s not for the certificate, better find a Planner with a very good actual Primavera background, and arrange for a one-on-one sessions/coaching.

R. Catalan
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U can check with zabeel institute; but CMCS training quality is better than zabeel or any other institute in Dubai / Sharjah. So it would be best to wait for 1 more month.