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Get the ٌRSC Magic Tool for Primavera Resources (It’s free)

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Mohammed Ali
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Magic Tools Family introduces the RSC Magic Tool (It’s free).

The fastest and the most accurate Excel tool to import & export Primavera resources.

RSC Magic Tool features:

  1. Get the output of the Resourcesin different formats as a table or chart or PDF or Xer.
  2. Draw the RSC diagrams of 50 Primavera projects by one command.
  3. Export any number of resources to Primavera within just a few minutes.
  4. Prepare and export the resources in 4 different ways.
  5. Export the resources of up to 20 multiple projects directly to Primavera in one time.
  6. Modify all resources data of previous projects before exporting to primavera.
  7. You can prepare and design the resources dictionary as WBS charts.
  8. All resources codes can be designed and prepared automatically.
  9. You can fill in and export all resources details according to the project requirements.
  10. All resources data will be tested before exporting to Primavera.
  11. You can make the resources / roles allocations in the same tables.
  12. All of these features can also be applied when dealing with roles.
  13. Smart design enables you to use the tool very easily and comfortably.
  14. You need not any previous experience to use the SDK magic tool.
  15. Technical support is available 24 hours a day.

In Addition to:

  1. The Magic Tool performs all operations by Excel.
  2. All operations can be performed by using only one detailed table.
  3. Resources can be displayed in different formats.
  4. Special commands to add and remove the resources.
  5. You can fill in the resources price list automatically.
  6. Resource/ Role allocations table can be filled in automatically.
  7. All table headers can be related to Primavera Database.
  8. Wide range to select the resources codes.

This video link explains how to use the RSC Magic Tool and all of its features:

The same Video in Arabic:

 Download link:

 The RSC Magic Tool can be used with Excel 2007 and 2010 and with all versions of Primavera


Mohammed Ali
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Hi Zoltan,

As I told you, I intend to publish all tools before modifying the code to work on all Excel versions.

The question is, do you support the perspective that these tools are valuable and deserve the efforts required to complete this task?

For your information, till now I have published 7 tools: (All of them are free)

1- SDK Magic Tool. (It covers much more than the 4 files ACTIVITY6v83.xls, Dictionary6v7.xls, PROJECTv83.xls and WBS6v6.xls)

2- XER Magic Tool. (It covers much more than the parser xerFileParserBuilder.xlsm)

3- XLS Magic Tool. (It saves great help when you update Primavera by using Excel files xls or xlsx.)

4- SQL Magic Tool. (It can be used to display all tables of any sql database in Excel.)

5- WBS Magic Tool. (It can design and prepare the WBS for any Primavera project and export it as xer file directly to Primavera.)

6- RSC Magic Tool. (It can prepare & design any number of resources & roles and export them as xer file directly to Primavera.)

7- BOQ Magic Tool. (It can collect all divisions of the BOQ in one general table with a reference to all records of the BOQ.)

For your information these tools are now used by thousands of planners.

For more information about any of these tools this the link:

Your answer is highly appreciated and great motivation to continue.

Zoltan Palffy
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have you udated this to work work thr newer version of excel yet ?