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The F9 is Canceled when i close the project

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Lyna Bellahsene
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Hi everyone, 

I have a probleme with a project in P6, the dates ( delta of 1 minute but the date change to the day after )  of about 30 activities (30/1600) changes when i close and re open the project. I think that the problem comes from the excel that we import in order to change the ressources. So when i remove the ressources its all ok but, so i try to add the ressources back... same problem

i tried to add another activities with the same sittings it remains the same. 

thanks a lot for ur help!


Raymund de Laza
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Check also the calendar used in Resources.
Zoltan Palffy
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go to edit user preferences and turn your TIMES ON

when you calculate the schedule make sure to set the DATA DATE TIME to 8:00 am or the earliest times on all of your calendar being used.