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MS Project- Progress Line

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Alan Boulton
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I have an issue with the progress line in MS Project.

I have a summary bar that has all the sub tasks beneath it with 0% complete. The summarry bar also shows 0% complete, but when the progress line is added to the Gnatt chart it shows all the sub tasks correctly, but the summary task is showing as 100% complete.

Any help greatly appreciated. 



Alan Boulton
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Joined: 11 Dec 2018
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Thank you Tom.

So in summary the system is behaving as designed (doesn't quite seem logical to me given that the percentage complete is showing as zero). Anyway found another "work around" although not strictly right either.

if you enter 1% against any of the sub tasks the progress line on the summary bar shows something closer to what I thought I would get.

Thanks again Alan  

Tom Boyle
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Short Answer: this is apparently as-designed behavior in MSP 2016+.  (The same schedule in MSP 2010 would show 0% for the summary task.)  You could hide the issue by hiding the summary tasks with a filter.

By the way: IMO, progress lines have no place in a computer-based process for schedule progress updating.  (An effective update process would make them redundant with the Status Date line anyway.)  Their math has never been quite right, especially for summary tasks, and I believe their flakiness results from Microsoft's attempts to resolve multiple, conflicting user demands for their final appearance.  (I've never used them since the old string-and-pushpin days.) 

Good luck, tom

(Note: You posted an image on PP that will be visible for only a few hours - I saw it before replying.)