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Error to create visual report to Microsoft Excel

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Kai Pyn Tan
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Hi ,

I am trying to create an visual report using excel 2015 but the error message below pop up

"This operation requires that you have Excel 2003 or later installed on your computer"

does anyone encounter the same issue as well? May i know how to solve this ?


thank you.





Tom Boyle
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Hi Pyn,

This happens when your Excel and Project applications are not part of the same Office version.  You haven't said what version of MSP you are using, but I've never heard of a 2015 version for Windows.  With no other complications, you may be successful by finding the excel.exe file in its home folder and copying it to the folder that contains your Winproj.exe file.  Other complications can also get in the way.  (They don't work for me.)