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Primavera p6 WBS grouping bands in excel

PLeae find the below Youtube link for the video how to prepare color bands of WBS in excel with one click

Export from Microsoft Project to Excel


If you have ever used Primavera P6, you would be surprised that exporting from Microsoft Project to Microsoft Excel does not provide you with a ready to be used data considering that both products are from the Royal House of Microsoft.

In Primavera P6, exports to Excel come formatted as an Excel Table for any data analysis you might want to carryout but with Microsoft Project, you still need to format the Excel properly prior to any Excel Table data analysis.

Primavera P6 export to Excel. How to color WBS level automatically

After export activity table from Primavera P6 to Excel, it’s very hard to distinguish WBS level.


I will show you how to color WBS level automatically so we can have report like in P6.

  • Step 1:

Follow this article to insert the "WBS Level" column :

Primavera P6 export to Excel. How to identify WBS level for activity

After export activity table from Primavera P6 to Excel, it's very hard to tell this activity belong to what WBS.



We can add 1 column to show the WBS level for each activity.

The formula for the column is : =((FIND(TRIM(B2),B2))-1)/2


Apply to the rest so we can see WBS level for each activity:



How to achieve rapid feedback progress through integrated EXCEL?

Title: "How to achieve rapid feedback progress through integrated EXCEL?"

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Generating P6 S-Curves via Excel

A step-by-step procedure for extracting data out of Primavera to enable the generation of S-curves within Excel. Covers generating curves for planned value, earned value and actual expenditure, both in terms of manpower and cost.

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