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resource management



Abstract: Drones are Unmannered Aerial Vehicles (UAV) that are having different applications because of the amount of information that they can collect in a short period of time during flight inspections.

It is also, one of the technologies that are rapidly increasing its use in construction, agriculture, maintenance, building design, mining, solar, etc.

Best Practices for Resource Management

The best sports managers in history have all been those who had an intuitive grasp of the resources they had available to them. They had a deep understanding of what each team member could do and who could make a difference at crucial moments.

Using more effective project management to improve strategic performance

Title: "Using more effective project management to improve strategic performance"

Author: "Chris Bragg PMP., B.Sc., Dipl. Data"


Ths paper suggests some practical actions that organisations can take to align projects with strategy, and to help drive successful execution of strategy.

Diversity Risk in the Canadian Workplace

A good understanding of diversity risk must be part of planning. The world is laden with so many cultures. Mixtures of these various norms creates a new norm that must be considered seriously.

If we look in the past, multiculturalism has a long and wide history in Canada. It was then adopted by the government during the 1970s and 1980s (Kobayashi, 1993) and (Duncan & Duncan, 1993).

Tools and Techniques of Project and Portfolio Management with Resource Constraints


Project and Portfolio planning and management shall consider all existing constraints that may include:

Too many projects will bring you down

The odd one out

If you regularly drive to work, you’ll probably be all too familiar with roadworks. From your experience, which of the pictures below seems unusual?



Picture 3? It’s rare to see activity. From my car window, most roadworks seem sat idle, not a worker in sight.

Why is this?


Parallel vs Serial planners

Comparative Resource Scheduling Using Various Software Packages


Resource Allocation is without doubt one of the most important areas of concern to construction management. The two main problems of resource allocation of concern are resource levelling and resource scheduling. The normal convention is for, the resource scheduling problem to be solved using either heuristic methods or optimization techniques. Where heuristic methods are used, resource scheduling is always treated as a subsequent problem for the critical path analysis.

White paper on resource management

A free white paper from Asta on ways to help manage resourcing is available now. Visit to download your copy and see practical steos you can take to improve resource management

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