Quality is the biggest risk in Construction Project Management

What if you have carefully planned a project, and skillfully designed its construction, but your contractor does not have the capability to perform the work in a quality manner? That is a risk to your project. The PMI diagram only used to refer to the elements of time, cost and scope. However, as of late, quality has also been included in the triangle.


In an IT project, poor quality usually manifests itself in the software crashing or producing unreliable output. In construction, the project creates a physical object – a building, a bridge, or a subway tunnel – so the risk posed by low quality is much greater than in projects that create intangibles, such as business process transformation or software. When construction fails, people may die.

On the news, we hear about developing countries where buildings collapse and hundreds or thousands die, but construction quality problems resulting in loss of life are not limited to the developing world. I’ve been involved in the aftermath of two fatal construction quality problems during my career, and both were well-funded, professional construction projects in the United States. While no devastating consequences come close to death and injury in terms of quality problems, there is at least one other that has devastating impacts on both cost and schedule: re-work.  Read More...


Its a Nice post. Dear Tim

Its a Nice post. Dear Tim Mather i want to know more about Quantity Surveying Software. Can you help me please?

I've noticed recently in my

I've noticed recently in my practice, that to be underestood, it is better to comunicate my network diagrams with key members, while creating schedules. But how to be sure that team can observe and underestand logic of all 2000 activities ! With this tool (NetPoint) I am sure they will!

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