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Project control – A Technique and Approach

Project control provides the systematic pathway for monitoring, analyzing forecasting and controlling the projects. Project control is a proactive approach rather reactive. Similar to other project management components, Project control plan ought to be produced and actualized. Stick to Demining cycle, for getting better results from Project control, as shown beneath:


ect control, as shown beneath:


Project control steps  are highlighted in light of Deming’s P-D-C-A cycle in details as shown beneath:

  • Plan and prepare a set of plans that help the project to achieve its goals, i.e. on schedule, within budget, with agreed upon quality and with zero HSSE incidents.
  • Execute the work according to the plan(s) and agreed upon schedule.
  • Monitor the progress of the plan(s). Keep on taking preventive measures according to the plan(s).
  • Measure the headway (progress) of the plan(s).
  • Identify variations from the plan(s). Identify the root causes. Risk management, as a key component of Project control, plays a vital role in analysing the project pitfalls.
  • Implement the corrective actions after filtering it through the change management process.
  • Measure the changes to the progression as an eventual outcome of remedial (corrective) actions.
  • Project schedule delays and cost overrun are the major factors that help to formulate Project control techniques. Project control areas are a combination of subjective and objective measurements. So only the schedule and the cost measurement are enough! No, Project progress should be measured with respect to all constraints, i.e. schedule, cost, quality, and Safety etc. but not limited to. Precisely following areas are required to be monitored as a part of Project control as shown below:
  • 4502
    Earned Value Management (EVM) is one the widely accepted tool to measure project progress and forecast project in terms of schedule and cost. Provide me your email address to share with you a simple excel sheet on EVM.


Please share it on

Please share it on

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thanks for your sharing

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please share the excel file

please share the excel file

Please share the excel

Please share the excel file

pls share the EVM method with

pls share the EVM method with me.

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