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Planning/Scheduler, EEI & MIESCOR, Transmission Line, Airport, Building, Mining

START Date: 
August, 2012



Job Description /Attributes

1. Creating , Implementing as well as Updating the project Plans and Schedules for the project
2. Preparing Project Reports for the Management and stakeholders
3. Controlling and Monitoring the Progress of the project.
4. Laisioning with Staff of Engineering, Procurement, Construction teams
5. Co-ordination with the vendors and incorporating into the master schedule.
6. Reporting Critical Activities of the project to the Project Manager for work progress
7. Assisting project budget, cash flows , forecasting to the project management team
8. Reporting of slippage activities in project and ensuring for smooth catchup plan of the project
9. Preparing Extension of time(EOT) and delay analysis as well claims
10. Preparing Management Information System reports(MIS)
11. Preparing Monthly,weekly S-curves and Histograms for Cost, Progress, % complete , Project Man-hours and Resources
12. Preparing what if scenerio of delayed in schedule for completion of the project
13. Determining the Formats,level of frequency of reporting and its system for the client
14. preparing safety and environmental control in accordance with project risk analysis
15 Reviewing and assisting in preparing tender document related to project schedule.

16 Updates resources loading based on the remaining works.

17 Generates a tail-end schedule to have clear realization of the remaining works based on the actual and/or target parameters.

18 Identifies and monitors events of delays in the schedule for the purpose of claiming time extensions and additional costs. Works closely with the Contract Administrator in the preparation of claims.

19 Coordinates with the Cost Engineer and Quantity Engineer for the reporting of actual progress of work based on quantity and/or unit price.

20 Maintains and updates schedule – As-built against the Plan. Monitors progress accomplishments.

21 Generates and recommends alternative plans and courses of actions in consultation with the PMT members.

22 Conducts committee meetings on schedule review.

23 Analyzes variances on time and resources.

24 Provides PMT with a detailed target schedule/production: 3-week look ahead / 3-month look ahead.

25 Presents to the PMT the construction schedule for submission to the Client; discuss with the Client and seek approval of the same.

26 Computes for the resources loading based on the construction schedule.

27 Details the schedule based on the present condition/workability of the project site.

28 Participates in the preparation of Project Operational Plan, Master Schedule and PERT-CPM.

29 Maintains an efficient performance of all schedules and analyze all software tools and assist in transmission and distribution of all various projects.

30 Monitors site accomplishment and project it to Primavera.

31 Prepares schedule for all project delivery.

32 Recommends appropriate improvements and ensure optimal quality of all project schedules and evaluate reports.

33 Attends and Reports to Client on Weekly and Monthly Coordination Meetings.

34 Performs regular analysis of all schedule trends.