Co-Founder, Director, Videre System, Videre 3D Planning Software

START Date: 
July, 2012

Founded a startup that does 3D planning software for the industry.

Based on using a commercial game engine, my 10 plus years experiences and couple of industry experts, we plan to develop a 3D planning software that is simple to use and focus on user adoption, ease of analysis , fast schedule development and un-precedented communication to stakeholders.  

The software is extensible to

1. Shipbuilding industry for block erection.

2. Manufacturing industry for library and brickwalling scheduling

3. Construction in O&G industry where designs are mostly similar

4. Learning and Development department to simulate operations of valves, skids, equipments

5. Warehousing tracking and many more.

We estimated to launch mid of next year.

Please contact me if you are interested to test and be our initial buyer.