Planning/Projects Controls/Contracts/Forensic Claims Managing Consultant, HKA, Commuter Rail Renovation Project Istanbul

START Date: 
August, 2016
END Date: 
January, 2018

Commuter Rail Renovation Project (CR3) involving the upgrading of 63 kilometres of existing railway (FIDIC Silver Book, Execution)
- Prepared a prolongation cost claim based on the recently signed supplementary agreement with the client, the previously submitted extension of time (EOT) claims and the audited accounting data.
- Prepared the Quantum and Delay Analysis section of the prolongation claim and assisted during the preparation of the Executive Summary, Contractual Entitlements and Appendices.
- Prepared templates to be filled in by the Contractor to form prolongation costs data via pivot tables.
- Organized meetings and workshops with the Contractor’s accounting personnel and provided guidance on how to extract the relevant data to the prolongation from the Contractor’s existing accounting system.

Commuter Rail Renovation Project (CR1) involving the upgrading of 63 kilometres of existing railway (FIDIC Silver Book, ICC Arbitration)
- Analysed and assessed quantification of the claims, liabilities and entitlements for the Claimant.
- Provided assistance to the Claimant’s testifying Quantum Expert for the calculation of “cost to complete damages” during arbitration.
- Identified and selected appropriate valuation methodologies for inclusion in claim submissions.
- Managed 2 Associate Consultants during the commission.

Power Plant Project involving engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) of a 950 MW private gas combined cycle power plant (CCGT, Bespoke Contract, Execution Phase)
- Evaluated the conditions of the contract, existing claims, potential claimable events, significant delays and the corresponding strengths and weaknesses of the Contractor's position.
- Reviewed the baseline program and progress updates to establish their robustness for conducting a delay analysis and variation submittals.
- Took part in the preparation of a global claim comprised of chronology, events, contractual entitlement, delay and quantum analyses. 

Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):