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Program Manager, Technical Director, EuroPrisma, Multiple Y2K and Enterprise Systems Management programs/projects

START Date: 
December, 1997
END Date: 
July, 1999

Technical Director (Int), GM (Middle East)

During this period my role was buidling a training program for technical staff and selling and delivering Y2K Remediation and enterprise management system implementations and services to clients globally.

Most programs were complex with multiple stakeholders and we found it necessary to build visual process models to help address uncertainity and keep stakeholders aligned and ensure they had a shared understanding of time lines and resource commitments and costs so we could ensure schedules did not slip even with unexpected challenges hidden in years of legacy data and code.

A key project was the estimation and risk contngency planning for a major government Y2K program spanning 14 ministries.  This required detailed parametric modelling and measurement of real time resource requirements for each step of the process, so that we could provide a credible and reliable estimate of resources needed within reasonable confidence limits to ensure the government could successfully fix all issues prior to 2000.  The credibility and validity of the model was crucuial to enabling the justifcation of additional investment needed to ensure success.

The biggest lesson we learned in this tie is that when stakeholders are really focused on getting projects finished on schedule, we can do that with a high degree of success.  Successful project control depends on solid initiation and focused client/sponsors.

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