Zone Manager/Planning Manager, MNC, MNC Park

START Date: 
September, 2017
END Date: 
January, 2018
Project Manager of MNC Group- MNC Land Theme Park-Indonisia1.Review Cash flow,budget,schedule and obs of GC.2.Phasing Plan development incl.BOH,Ride,show and attaction.3.BIM Vendor proposal review and RFP developmemt.4. GC contract Negoxiation.5. intergrated schedule review and commentsDesign(FS,SD,DD,CD and shop drawing) procurement(long lead item,mass material,packager ..) construction (ride show entertaiment,theme facade and area development,facility(cut and fill,piling,foundation,structure,MEP,Decoration and show element).6. construction meeting,project progress.7.Ride schedule incl.contract award,down payment,design thrid party review,manufacture,FAT,Shipment,customs,delivery ,embeded,structure,mechanical,eletrical, commissionning and sat,mdot etc.8 Show schedule incl.mural,show set,show lighting,themed lighting,special effect/projector,art glass,fluor mural,AV,Show control software and hardware.9.Theme facade incl.FACADE,ROCK WORK. CURVE and Painting.10 facility schedule work,piling,foundation,RC structuture/steel strcture,roofing and waterproofing,insulation and accountic,decoration,MEP.
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management): 
Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):