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Planning and Project Control Engineer, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Dubai Metro Project

START Date: 
February, 2007
END Date: 
July, 2008

Responsibilities: Working as a Project Control Engineer responsible for taking care of overall rail systems planning, monitoring and rail systems program integration. Analyse the progress, preparation of cash flows and support with commercial related to Rail System works(Communication, Signalling, Power System, Automatic Fare Systems, Platform Screen door system, Main Bogies, Track works, etc). Generate the Change Control Reports by using special Software, Claim Digger. Providing support to the Project Control Manager on all railway systems planning & interfacing issues, ensuring that the contractor integrates & coordinates the master programme with the civil programme.  Undertaking the review, comments, approval for systems programmes and all cyclic progress updates.  Review & reporting of system site access, concerns and project critical issues.  The reporting of the systems contractor progress against the project baseline and working programmes. 

Manage and coordinate systems interface planning, databases and providing robust look-a-head forecasts.  Manage and update interface statements.  Carry out what-if analysis to identify areas of Systems uncertainty and to initiate and propose suitable mitigation actions.