/ Construction Project Planner / Senior Planner, MWH Treatement LTD, SMB AMP6 Framework

START Date: 
December, 2015
END Date: 
April, 2020
• Developing Design Programme and Construction Programmes • In-cooperating all Governances Process Set out by Thames Water • Baseline Schedule as per the client requirements. • Resources Allocations • Monthly Programme Updating and Reporting • Monthly progress report including narrative • Developing Work Breakdown Structures from the scope of works • Planning and preparing Master project, schedules, milestones and monitoring progress against established schedules and measure delays. Perform detail follow-up on the progress based on the earned value. Preparing contracts and negotiating revisions, changes and additions to contractual agreements with architects, consultants, clients, suppliers and subcontractors. Provide analysis of contractor schedules to client, and make recommendations Professional Accomplishments and responsibilities. • Liaising with Commercial team to process Procurement plan etc. • Liaising with Commissioning team to produce Commissioning and Handover Programmes and Strategies • Providing Planners in India with relevant information to update and Construct Programmes on HS2 • Lead Planner on the HS2 Utilities delivery Works
Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management): 
Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):