Site Engineer / Management / Planning, Various, Various

START Date: 
June, 1985
END Date: 
January, 2007

My experiance prior to joining Dave Gibson Associates followed a well worn path for Planning Engineeres.

1979 Company Trainee with Wimpey, moving throguh the various disciplines and roles settling into Site Enginering.  I spent many a happy year peg bashing all over the UK until I was moved into Project Management.

I have been employed by a number of companies since in; Building, Civil Engineering and Railway Works.  I have been directly employed by construction firms and by consultants, I have also worked self employed.

I spent several years in site management roles but it did not suit my temperament.  It was a hard place to work back then and I believe I was promoted beyound my experiance, it was the way of the world.  I migrated into the technical side with roles working as Material Scheduler, Estimater and finally Planner.

I have worked in planning since about 1985 and have seen the role change from pencil and paper, calculating critical path analysis by foward and backward passes by hand, through some dodgey and dificult to use computer software to the powerfull sofware we currently enjoy.

My roles in planning progressesd from Planning Engineer, through Senior and Principle to Manager, currently working as a Consultant at Hill International.