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Master Scheduler / Senior Project Scheduler, Eli Lilly & Company, Solvent Recovery Projects

START Date: 
April, 2016

Work in the Creation and revision of preliminary master schedules for operations. Maintain a master schedule for each project and identify and record the impact of work performed and not performed as scheduled. Evaluate actual construction progress and provide regular schedule updates.Interface with operations, owners, and subcontractors to discuss impact of work and resolution of problems. Contribute to the development of working schedules for Estimating, prior to proposal date, which sufficiently illustrate the sequence of work activities and contract time. Prepare and issue proposal and preliminary schedules. Incorporate Resource and/or Cost Loading data into schedules as required. Assist Project Managers in creating short-term schedules, monitor such schedules to determine impact on master schedule, and help in formulating actions to correct scheduling problems. Provide information as needed on the content, modification, or presentation of project schedule. Serve as technical advisor for the solution of difficult production problems.