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PMO Consultant, Project Skills XPert, PMO Setup

START Date: 
December, 2010


Owner @ Project Skills XPert The current worldwide economic downturn has shifted the organizational focus from rapid growth at any cost without real emphasis on internal processes and controlled cost, to a more mature long-term growth while controlling cost and improving internal organizational structure and processes. We have a business driven approach to setting up, restructuring, and helping you manage your Project/Program/Portfolio Management Office (PMO). Our consulting services help you bridge a critical organizational gap between delivery and strategy. Their focus enables the translation of organizational strategies into actionable plans. Moreover, the results of our efforts help you to decide with a high degree of objectivity and to keep always a very clear picture on which are the right projects to include and keep in your portfolio of strategic initiatives and how to manage the right projects right. Our PMO consulting experience ranges from: * Helping the leadership team establish a business-driven PMO Management Strategy * Helping PMO managers rapidly set up project management processes, best practices and policies * Helping project management executives deploy best practices for enterprise project management * Helping line of business executives set up project and program office best practices * Maturing your PMO from Projects to Program and to Portfolio Management  We would be delighted to meet with you, assess your Strategy Implementation and PMO needs, and discuss how our services and solutions can help your organization.