Director, The Change Business Ltd, (Various projects) UK & Overseas

START Date: 
May, 1979

Assisting clients (including owners, clients, constructors and specialist constructors) with planning and managing work using the Last Planner system ( in the UK, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Turkey, Canada, Zimbabwe, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia and is currently (2014) coaching client organisations and their supply teams engaged on lean transformation of their construction and related operations in Denmark and The Netherlands. 

Clients' projects have included:

  • bio-tech plant upgrades
  • highly serviced university laboratories
  • fast paced retail construction
  • multi-storey housing
  • student housing
  • air terminals
  • healthcare facilities
  • hydro-electric plants
  • iron ore trans-shipment plant
  • cultural and entertainment facilities
  • new and refurbished school buildings
  • enabling works for an open cast coal pit (where no single person spoke a language that everyone understood!)
  • city centre underwater rail tunnel/bridge

I like to leave one or more people in my client with skills to continue the work I have started and and to reproduce them on furture projects without my assistance.  I have done this on projects where the project language is other than English (e.g. Danish, Dutch, French) developing the skills of key people in the host organisation to learn to do what I do.

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling):