Site Engineer / Estimator, CEEMM Construction Corporation , 1.Construction of warehouse and canteen building at San Miguel Corporation 2.Boiler & Control House at Pure foods Corporation 3.Installation of Gen Set House and associated equipment at Philippin

START Date: 
October, 1987
END Date: 
August, 1994
  • Manage and supervise construction of the manufacturing facilities such as the Production building, Administration building, Canteen building, Generator house, Warehouse building, roads and drainage, rip rapping, elevated water tank, deep well drilling, water distribution system, electrical distribution system and tower antenna
  • Estimating the Bill of Quantity (BOQ) of materials
  • Prepare program of work such as Bar Chart, PERT-CPM, Manpower Distribution and Cash Flow Diagram
  • Preparing project costing and scheduling of payments
  • Inspection and Payment approval of the progress billing presented by the sub contractor prior for payments processing
  • Quality control of materials to be applied/purchased for the project
  • Supervise, monitor and prepare weekly progress report
  • Coordinate with the resident inspector regarding work schedule