Contracts Senior Planning Engineer, Alstom, Route 2020 Metro Rail Dubai

START Date: 
August, 2018

WhWhile assigned to Route 2020 Metro Project, Dubai, I am involved and responsible for performing the following tasks;

  • Analysis of baseline & construction schedules in liaison with project team and works package contractors to ensure all programs are consistent with the project schedule.
  • Analysis & demonstration of entitlement to Extension of Time (EoT) occurring as a result of delay/ disruption/ loss of efficiency. Production rate analysis and work cycle analysis to demonstrate entitlement to EoT and drafting of claim.
  • Delay notification requirements under the contract for EoT & setting up standardized system.
  • Counter claims and advice regarding retrospective analysis for EoTs, prolongation costs, disruption, program critiques and delay analysis critiques.
  • Application of prospective and retrospective delay analysis and disruption analysis. 
  • Assistance and advice in the management of current and future potential claims and disputes.
  • Collecting the correct information in preparation of claims/ counter claims.
  • Detailed analysis, quantification of delay and damages and strategy formation.
  • Demonstration of critical paths impacts & consequent disruption

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Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):