Senior Planner / Senior Planning Engineer, KEO INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS, The College of The North Atlantic campus (COT Qatar)

START Date: 
November, 2001
END Date: 
December, 2005

During my time as Sr. Planning Engineer for the College of Technology project from concept design phase
thru project construction close out phase. Responsibility included managing programmes from designer and
construction contractors, tender process for all bid packages, analyzing and generating various reports,
contractors claim analysis, maintaining risk register, tracking long lead items / conducting procurement
meeting, and updating risk register. This project was initiated by the Qatar Government, which is now known
as CNA‐Q campus.
The College of The North Atlantic campus consists of more than 75,000 square meters in 20 buildings, all
linked by courtyards and walkways. Its modern design merged in a unique architectural concept is to hold
3,000 students, and features state‐of‐the‐art computer systems, industrial workshops and laboratories. Each
program area, including Engineering Technology, Health Sciences, Information Technology and Business, has
dedicated buildings to accommodate their own specialized shops, labs and equipmen