Senior Planning Consultant, Sporle Consultancy Services (SCS), (various projects)

START Date: 
December, 2009
  • Windows Analysis - Extracting, analysing and comparing critical paths of contemporaneous schedules.
  • Review contract documents and identify requirements regarding project controls and Entitlement to EOT and associated costs.
  • Carrying out appropriate analytical techniques to demonstrate Contractor’s Entitlement to EOT and associated costs.
  • Prepare Statement of Claims (detailed reports and analyses).
  • Provided assistance to the appointed Expert in relation to delay assessment on a Contractor’s Claim.
  • Perform delay analysis and produce Delay Report for Expert review based on Terms of Reference for the Determination of Claims.
  • Review Claims produced by clients/contractors for either rebuttal or advice on strength and weakness of claim.
  • Review Baseline Programmes prepared by the Clients, identify risks and opportunities and recommend improvements and amendments to ensure that the Programme is in line with the contract requirements.
  • Prepare Preliminary Project Construction Programme & Method Statement for Tender submissions.
Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):