Senior Design and Site Engineer:, State Water Works (DSI) - , Potable water distribution and supply, irrigation systems, floodwater mitigation, small dams

START Date: 
March, 1976
END Date: 
June, 1970

1970- 1976  State Hydraulic Works (DSI)                                                        Ankara/TURKEY

Senior Design and Site Engineer:

He worked on the design of main Water Distribution network of Ankara/Turkey. He also produced Basic Engineering Designs regarding: Various irrigation systems (With classical earth structures, or with buried pipes, or with elevated open concrete channels) and related small dam designs, river regulations mitigating storm water damage to small towns. He supervised some steel and reinforced concrete designs and their implementation on site. He did some site inspection, solved engineering issues and approved payment certificates of contractors. The Company was a state owned giant responsible for the planning and tendering of all kinds of important water works in whole of Turkey.