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Delay Analyst, Timeline Project Services FZC, Multi Project

START Date: 
November, 2016

Company Owner/Delay Consultant - Provide delay analysis/forensic planning services in support of the extension of time claims of the main contractor (TCAJV) at Midfield Terminal Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Romeo Interiors LLC - Review of baseline and update programmes, contemporaneous records to provide guidance on which analysis method would be best suited to the ongoing delays. 

Providing delay analysis in support of Contracting & Construction Enterprises Ltd’s time and cost claim against the main contractor on the Khurais Oil Refinery expansion project in Saudi Arabia.  

Systech International - Providing Delay Analysis assitance to the consultant charged with preparing a eextension of time claim aganst the authority on Singapore's Upgraded Electronic Road Pricing System.



Experience Hours (Forensic Analysis):