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Director of Construction Management, The Pepperdine Corporation, Multiple projects across multiple sectors

START Date: 
June, 1992
END Date: 
June, 1993

The Pepperdine Corporation, Director of Construction Management, General Contractor, Portsmouth, Virginia

Managed all construction operations, reaponsible for hiring lead personnel.  Instituted computerized Critical Path Method scheduling.  Assumed responsibility for completion of a multi-million project that was four months late, and completed project within six weeks from takeover.  Developed estimating systems to allow the company to be more competitive in the bid market, including the first subcontractor database and bid notification system.  Resolved a number of outstanding, long-overdue problem projects, and regained confidence of clients.  During the cleanup of problems, developed a quality control system that allowed the company personnel to minimize call-backs and complete projects on time.  Instituted good computerized project management systems that minimized delays and losses due to changed conditions and information.  In-house work performed included site and paving work, concrete work, HVAC and plumbing, some electrical, carpentry, rough and finish, cabinetry, drywall and metal studs, and demolition.  Developed estimating department, overseeing entire solicitation and bid process with full responsibility for marketing and choosing projects, managing the bid process, awarding contracts, scheduling and overseeing project managers for construction.  Client base was military, commercial, school and university construction. 

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