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Senior Quantity Surveyor, Abance Engineering, British Council Building Project

START Date: 
November, 2011
END Date: 
June, 2017

§   Preparation of Tender and Contract Documents (FIDC, ICDAT), including Bills of Quantities. (BOQ)(Buildings and Soil Nail Projects).

§   Advise on a Procurement Strategy.

§   Advice on Selection of Contractors.

§   Project Value Management and Cost Control.

§   Taking off measurements/Quantities.

§   Checking of site inspection reports.

§   Payment Application and Certificates.

§   Preparation of  Project Cash Flow.

§   Contractual Claim Management.

§   Project Management Activities.

§   Dispute Resolution Activates (ADR).

§   Preparation of Quotation, Variations and Extra work.

§   Preparation of EOT and EOT claims.

§   Preparation of Programme,Progress.

§   Project Monitoring Activities.

§   Handling documentary part of the in charge.

§   Attending site meetings and progress reporting.