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Daily Delay Measure: A New Technique to Precisely Identify Delay

Daily Delay Measure: A New Technique to Precisely Identify Delay by John C. Livengood

A new schedule analysis technique, the daily delay measure (DDM), is a significant new tool to assist in forensic schedule delay analysis. It allows the expert, at the earlier stages of the forensic analysis, to identify probable critical and near-critical paths. This early identification allows the expert to better focus analysis efforts and to more productively exclude activities or activity groups from consideration during the detailed analysis.

This tool permits the expert to track the schedule status of every activity on any regular, periodic basis and to identify which activities and/or groups of activities change their schedule status as the project progresses. This methodology was developed primarily in the context of forensic as-planned vs. as-built delay studies, but is also useful in other forensic delay methodologies including “collapsed as-built” and “windows.” DDM is a continuous arithmetic measure of an activity’s delay relative to the plan, and can identify when critical shifts occur from one activity to another.


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