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P6 EPPM 15.2 connection wizard PRA

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Dennis Hanks
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Trying to establish the connection from PRA 8.7.0076 to P6 EPPM 15.2 (localhost). No problem using the connection wizard, but unable to access the EPPM database, Getting the following error messages. The first is trivial - I think. P3eKiller Run-time error '9' Subscript out of range.  The second is a login error. I've checked the user exists and the pw should be good. The error is: Error code = 80041b5c Login Failure P3eIntegration;P3eJLink.1  Note: I'm using Apache 3.1.3 JRE 1.8.0_65, localhost and port 7001. I am no longer under maintenance with Oracle, so they are not a resource. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.

I'm testing the feasibility of establishing P6EPPM for small and medium sized companies with limited IT support. This is another part of that test. Not for the faint of heart.