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what is standard for creating any equipment house schedule

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Kumar Baiju
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Hi all

   I want to create a schedule for compressor House  in which there is five same type of compressor, gear box, motor, silenser, mist eliminator, lub oil system, Motor cooling hydraulic system exist.

according to me

Process : 1. Craete PFD & PID

Equipment : 1. compressor, base plate, silecer, mist eliminator PDS (process data sheet) .EOT Crane

            2. Technacil spec for same

               3. detailing for same


      Load list

cable rack, cable schedule, cable trench, detailing


      Instrument data sheet for Control valve, other instrumnet,

      Technical specification for instrument, Control cale scheduling, cable trench


       Piping layout, piping Isometric


    Compressor house shed

    detail for EOT crane Support

    Combined load data (static & dynamic) for civil drawing


   Piping layout, Foundation detail, Foundation bolt detail.


i have give some measure activity can any one give the detail of the schedule.