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Delivery Management Tool Partnership

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Hi all:

There are many products that can help you plan and schedule tasks but hardly any that can manage, track, monitor and verify the successful delivery of a project’s deliverables. I am working on a project management software tool that focuses on the delivery management with a core emphasis on the monitoring and tracking of such deliverables.

To support its objective it plans to address:
- Assigning and managing responsibility for a deliverable
- Setting-up, monitoring and verifying the exit criteria required for a deliverable
- Managing change control, issues and risk pertaining to a specific deliverable or a task
- Creating progress journal against a deliverable and a task, and generating status reports automatically
- Enabling an online workgroup environment for routing the review, history and sign-off
- Enabling a trigger for a change control, issue or a risk depending on the type of delay in a given deliverable
- Enforcing standards processes and templates across the project team
- Import/export from/to Microsoft Project

Further, I expect to create a module to create a quality metrics to track:
- Number of days to process a deliverable
- Number of deliverables received on-time
- Number of deliverables received late
- Number of deliverables approved
- Number of deliverables disputed/disapproved
- Number of issues and risks against a deliverable
- Names of stakeholders missing the deadlines
- Number of deliverables submitted for review
- Etc.

The product concept is very unique and has a tremendous potential, and is being created by business professionals with rich IT background and with rich educational credentials (MBA, PMP, MS).

I am looking for a business partner, venture capitalist or for other similar profit sharing arrangements. Interested parties, please write to