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(1) Explain your problem, don't simply post "This isn't working". What were you doing when you faced the problem? What have you tried to resolve - did you look for a solution using "Search" ? Has it happened just once or several times?

(2) It's also good to get feedback when a solution is found, return to the original post to explain how it was resolved so that more people can also use the results.

ATTENTION: Adding HTML links to your posts

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Bernard Ertl
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The PP team recently introduced an improvement to the forum scripts allowing single quotes to appear in the text of all posts. Previously, the forums simply filtered single quotes out.

However, there appears to be an issue with single quotes within HTML tags. If you wish to include a link in your posts, please use double quotes in the href tag. For example (remove the spaces after the open brackets):

< a href="" target="_blank">InterPlan Systems Inc. - Project Management Software, Project Planning Software< /a>

As a courtesy to PP members and guests, I would suggest also including the target="_blank" whenever you link to an external site (to open a new browser window/tab).

I have found instances in the forums where links within posts are not working. When you click on them, you will see the Planning Planet URL prepended to the target URL in your browsers address bar. If you see this, it is most likely because the HTML used single quotes.

Please double check your own posts to ensure your links work. Fix them if they do not. The PP moderators (myself included) will fix errors as we find them, but we are voluteering our time here and may not catch every mistake. Thank you for your consideration!

Bernard Ertl
InterPlan Systems Inc. - Project Management Software, Project Planning Software