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Function: The Guild of Project Controls Assessors are Certified Fellow level trustees who provide Competency Assessment professional services for the Guild of Project Controls and the Guild of Project Controls Certification Board. More specifically the Guild Assessors are responsible for reviewing the Certification applications from prospective applicants and making recommendations to the Guild Certification Board as to whether a practitioner should be issued with the Certification that he / she has applied for.

Role: It is the Guild Assessors role to review the applicants experience profile, certification deliverables, examination results and video conference assessment for each Certification candidate and make recommendation to the Certification Board for approval or rejection.

The Guild Assessors work together to make recommendations to the Guild Certification Board in accordance with the following:

  • Fellow Level – receive recommendation from 3 Guild Assessors
  • Expert and Master Level – receive recommendation from 2 Guild Assessors
  • Specialist Level – receive recommendation from 1 Guild Assessor
  • Professional Level – receive recommendation from Guild Admin (is a pass / fail on exam)

Assessors are independent contractors and are not employees of the Guild of Project Controls or the Certification Board and as independent contractors, are compensated for their services.

Guild Assessors accomplish their functions through regular face to face or virtual assessment meetings / dialogue and by establishing an appropriately sized committee structure, led primarily by the Guild Certification Board. Assessors will have completed a 4 hour on line training course to ensure consistency in the scoring of candidates and have audited a minimum of 3 unpaid assessments demonstrating that the assessment of candidates is done in such a manner as to produce consistent results.

Assessors are free to ask questions to probe whatever weaknesses they pick up from (1) the exam results, then (2) the technical papers then (3) any other area they see a potential weakness in.  Explained another way, the Assessors are supposed to be evaluating that the applicant is familiar with using the Tools / Techniques in the Guild Compendium & Reference (CaR) at the Bloom Level appropriate to the Certification level the applicant has applied for.  What the assessment is NOT supposed to be is an attempt to intentionally trip up the applicant nor does the Assessor necessarily have to agree with the position that the applicant has taken, provided the applicant can rationally explain or support his/her position based on the CaR. As the Guild is in the process of applying for ISO 17024 “Standard for Personnel Certification Programmes” it is expected that those selected by the Certification Board to be Assessors will play a proactive role in supporting the efforts of the Guild Cert Board to obtain this certification.

Practitioners taking on these prestigious part-time roles would most likely be highly experienced practitioners at the Fellow Level and be encouraged to consider presenting papers on the Guild’s Compendium and Reference (CaR) as it pertains to or forms the basis for the Guild’s credentialing process and attending events for and on behalf of the Guild of Project Controls.

Here is the list of the current Guild Assessment Team:

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