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Study Habits For Success: Tips For Student

In today's competitive era unplanned efforts swell up the complexity which intensifies the burden on students causing undue pressure. The solution is Study-Smart rather than Study-Hard. A successful life is no luck; it starts with honesty and depends on good habits. If followed properly these tips no wonder will upsurge the mind’s efficiency resulting in the remarkable outcomes.

Here are a few effective tips related to study habits which will not only help students to get success but will also activate their mind and keep mind-body relaxed.

Tip# 1: Short Notes

Make effective handwritten short notes for revision to avoid last minute panic. Notes should be clear and concise. Majorly, it should consist of keywords rather than sentences and must be written in an understandable language.

Tip# 2: Time Management

It is proven that organized study is more efficient than random learning. It yields better results and provides a sense of satisfaction. Time table should be prepared so that equal time slots are dedicated to each and every subject. Students can refer for systematic and statical learning techniques.

Tip# 3: Visualization

In childhood, we used to remember the alphabetical sequence, for instance, saying ‘A’ we visualize Apple in our mind. Similarly, visualizing the concepts helps in better understanding of the facts. Also, the concepts retain for a comparatively longer duration, hence it is advisable to visualize the concepts.

Tip#4: Short Breaks

Stretching over long hours stresses the mind and deforms the natural body posture. Short breaks between study hours can be utilized in doing some breathing or stretching exercises which will consequently increase the concentration level to keep the mind stable. Some websites like EduBirdie make the life of a student easier by providing assistance in writing the essay with the help of experts.

Tip#5: Constant Revision

Multiple revisions create memory cells which are stored in the subconscious mind. It can help to hold information for a longer time; also it is scientifically proven that the revised lessons seldom fade away. Therefore, make sure to have frequent revision sessions after a certain period of time.

Tip#6: Learning by teaching

It is well quoted “the more we share, the more we learn”. Sharing knowledge not only helps to comprehend any studied topic but also boosts the confidence over the subject. Participation in group study, doubt sessions and discussions tend to make a longer impression in mind than cramming.

Tip#7: Story Learning

Undoubtedly, it is easier to remember the stories that were narrated in our childhood. Connecting the academic topics with everyday images or stories can help in memorizing the contents effectively.

Tip#8: Flowcharts

Detailed step-wise learning by preparing the flow diagrams enables to remember long procedures/process in a few steps. Instead of learning the long paragraphs, blocks containing keywords and arrows are easier to grasp and recall.

Tip#9: Avoid Distraction

Student, irrespective of age groups, tend to get easily distracted by electronic gadgets. Learning is always reliant on dedication. Any interruption during study hours disturbs your learning consequently and results in time wastage.

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