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Let Us start Planning

A long time back, late Seventies to early Eighties, it was quite a fun to prepare Plans and programmes for Projects. It used to be challenging, creative effort involving lots of hard work but quite satisfying and enjoyable. This went on for quite sometime and this area generally there was no intrusion. Gradually I have seen intrusion in this space by others to the extent that there is no more independence, creativity, positivity anymore. There are "n" number of people who will dictate the way tlhey want to see it and too many counter views and opinions that finally you can simply leave it on the table for others to change it as they deem fit - generally illogically. Here we are not talking about 100% of the cases but the majority definitely. The focus has changed more on how to make it more contractual, claims oriented, saving one's skin etc. rather than a platform to share information for common good.

Have you ever seen any other profession being treated this way? We are talking about equivalent professions such as doctors, lawyers, engineering consultants etc.

Planning Planet and the Guild that is launched is a new body that could take the Lead and protect the profession and give it is due place. I don't think it can happen in a short span but let us work together for common good. The industries where planning / programmes are required are missing out on the positives that can be achieved, the benefits that could be reaped. My primary thougt is to make it beneficial for everyone instead of making it just one more document that must be done. Let us take it forward through the Guild and introduce some code of conduct for the planners to bring in the real benefits of this powerful tool.

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