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How to show a column of week numbers in a Microsoft Project schedule

There are times when stakeholders use week numbers to discuss the dates in a project schedule and they would like to see columns of week numbers in the schedule. The tutorial outlines steps to follow in order to display week numbers such as "2021 Week 35" in a Microsoft Project schedule.

The tutorial uses 2 custom fields with formulas to show "Start Week No." and "Finish Week No." columns. The formulas for these 2 columns are:

  1. Start Week No. = IIf(DatePart("y",[Start])>362 And DatePart("ww",[Start],1,2)=1,Year([Start])+1 & " week " & DatePart("ww",[Start],1,2),IIf(DatePart("y",[Start])<4 And DatePart("ww",[Start],1,2)>51,Year([Start])-1 & " week " & DatePart("ww",[Start],1,2),Year([Start]) & " week " & DatePart("ww",[Start],1,2)))
  2. Finish Week No. = IIf(DatePart("y",[Finish])>362 And DatePart("ww",[Finish],1,2)=1,Year([Finish])+1 & " week " & DatePart("ww",[Finish],1,2),IIf(DatePart("y",[Finish])<4 And DatePart("ww",[Finish],1,2)>51,Year([Finish])-1 & " week " & DatePart("ww",[Finish],1,2),Year([Finish]) & " week " & DatePart("ww",[Finish],1,2)))

The step by step guide or explanation of the formulas, then watch this YouTube video

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