How to Level Resources / Resource Leveling without changing Project Finish date in Primavera P6

Normally when we Level Resources, Primavera will delay an activity so that Resource is not overloaded. It can make Project Finish date delay.

How can we make Project Finish date not delay? I’ll explain in this article.

We have a simple project with 2 activities assigned Resource A and 2 activities assigned Resource B.

How to Level Resources without changing Project Finish date - 1

If we do Level Resource now, Primavera will delay 1 activity of Resource A and 1 activity of Resource B. And the Project Finish date will change because activity of Resource A is on critical path.

How about we tell Primavera that it should only delay activity which is not on critical path.

So we will Go to Level Resource, Check on “Level resources only within activity Total Float”

“Preserve minimum float when leveling = 0” mean after Level Resource, activity still have Total Float larger than 0. Otherwise Primavera will not move those activities.

How to Level Resources without changing Project Finish date - 3

Now Primavera only delay activity of Resource B. And the Project Finish date does not change.

So Primavera help you to automatically solve overloaded problem for activity which is not in critical path.

For those which is on critical path, you will manually solve it.

Thanks for your time to read this article.


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