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How does “Level Resources” in Primavera P6 work?

Primavera have a function (called Level Resources) to solve the overload resource problem.

I will explain how does it work in this article.

We have 2 activities which is assigned resource called “Test”.

Level Resources in Primavera P6 - 1

Test can work 8 hour/day. These 2 activities happen at the same time so it will cause Test overload.

When you use “Level Resources”, Primavera simply push 1 activity to start later so that Test will not be overload.

You can go to Tool -> Level Resources. And click on Level

Level Resources in Primavera P6 - 3

Now Primavera push activity 2 start date later so Test is no longer overload.

How about we want to control what activity to push?

That will be controlled by the “Activity Leveling Priority”. You can show that column in the table.

Level Resources in Primavera P6 - 5

Now I will adjust Level of Activity 2 to be “High”

Now if you run “Level resources” again, the Activity 2 will stay, the Activity 1 will be push away.

There are lots of option you can configure to control what activity will be push, and how many day it will be push. These are advanced function which I might write in another article.

So the basic concept of Level Resources in Primavera is “push an activity start date later” so that resource will not be overloaded.

Thanks for your time to read this article.

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